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Love Dove by Antone Könst installed on Fishers Island

Love Dove installed on Fishers Island

2020 Public Art Commission Installation with Antone Könst

After a week-long build on Fishers Island, Antone Könst’s Love Dove is perched on the platform at the entrance of Silver Eel Cove, where it will greet and see off the ferry for the remainder of the year.

Antone Könst
Love Dove, 2020
Steel, concrete, foam, copper and wood

Excerpted from Antone’s Proposal:

Love Dove a monumental sculpture of a Dove, which when seen from the water presents as a simple ‘heart’ - - and from the shore is seen as a minimalist bird with its wings poised and shoulders hunched as if it just landed or is about to take off. The Dove has served as a symbol of peace and love for more than 5,000 years, with the earliest examples found in ancient Mesopotamia, and the Passenger Pigeon, now extinct, serves as an allegory for safe passage and free movement. My hope is that residents and visitors, and even passers-by in the Sound, will reflect on these themes in the context not only of the island but our broader political moment.

A simple, large sculpture, Love Dove is meant to be clear from a distance, and yet materially surprising and increasingly complex as you approach on foot. The feet and head, inspired by the public park benches, will be concrete. The ‘body’ is implied by a drawing made from steel, invoking wrought iron while providing a strong armature that supports the wings and connects everything to the platform. The wings, which will rise 16’ from the platform and taper back on the graceful curve of their gridded steel armature, are a tapestry of copper disks which will begin pinkish brown, like a Mourning Dove, and which will patina on the un-waxed underside to a streaky soft green over time, like that of a Pigeon. The back-side will be sealed to maintain a polished copper shine that will reflect the sun setting in the west and glimmer from the vantage of passing boats.